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Guess who's not dead.

2011-06-16 20:48:19 by Nebelhund

I just realized that I soooo rarely post news. There isn't really a point anyway though, because I may have at a maximum, 5 people who will ever read this. So, um. Picture. Enjoy.

Guess who's not dead.

I STILL EXIST. Well in mind anyway. Man, I haven't put a post in a year . Any way, see this picture? That's me pretending to be a horse. WHY? Because I win at Charades forever.

Please note the picture. It's beautiful.

Yeah, the only actual reason I made this is to show you that I actually update at all. But now I'm officially moved in to NG, I have to say that it's fun around here! I'm definitely sticking around for a while. Oh and since this would be boring otherwise, I made a picture of Blockhead's total opposite. I call him Mr. Jellybutt!

I done packing and I am now an actual NG user. Party time!

Hello, I'm Nebelhund. Nebelhund is German, and translates into the words "Fog Dog". I hope to be a boost for good videos or art. And to DESTROY the crappy videos that get good scores because their creators are friends with powerful people here. I make little pictures that include my character, Woofly. You can see my style of art at this early stage. Please, no trolling, I hate those idiots.

I'm a new member of NewGrounds.